Our Thanksgiving Drive kicks into high gear along with the start of each new school year. All Broward County Schools have the option to sign on to participate with collections and referrals for families. With our 14 different school-based distribution sites working with more than 190 schools to ensure that all recipient families receive 6-10 bags of groceries along with their gift card or perishables to complete their Thanksgiving meal. Recipient families are identified by Broward County School Social workers and other reputable agencies like The Boys and Girls Club and Firewall Centers.

None of this just happens. Every item collected, every school signed on, and every community and business partner who assist their local schools become a vital part of the project. Imagine going to your local grocery store and purchasing 200 jars of peanut butter or 800 soups. Not an easy or inexpensive task. If a company asks each employee to bring in 4 or a school asks each student to bring in 1, the task becomes much more manageable. These collections are the sum of all who participate. We invite you to join us by partnering with your local distribution school to assist families nearby to where you live and work.

The Harvest Drive is truly a grassroots community-based effort. Our distribution sites are located throughout Broward County. All of our sites encourage participation by their area public schools, business partners, civic and community organizations. The energy the student leaders bring to this project is absolutely inspiring. Knowing that you have helped to make your very local community a better place to live and learn is priceless. We are proud to acknowledge the huge role the Harvest Drive Café plays during this time. The café which is managed by the school PTSA’s is able to provide snacks & meals for hundreds of our hard-working volunteers through donations from local restaurants, organizations & retailers.

If your child comes home with a donation request from the Harvest Drive, please help them fill this request.If your business, place of worship, civic organization or family is looking for a way to assist others during the holiday season, please reach out to Renee Herman at reho7@aol.com or 954-444-5548 or Holly Stracquadaine at holdaine@gmail.com or 954-465-0042. For a list of distribution sites, click here


The Harvest Drive Boutiques serve families referred by Broward County School Social Workers. At Thanksgiving our 2 sites assist over 500 families, 125 – 150 out of Pompano Beach High School and year round out of Western High School. The Boutiques provide an amazing selection of new and gently used clothing, shoes, books, toys and household items such as bed linens, towels and kitchen essentials. All of these items are donated and offered to the families for free. Oftentimes families experience life crisis situations such as home displacement, fires, or family separations. These resources serve as a much needed band-aid for many families struggling to make ends meet.

Our Boutiques are run by a team of Harvest Drive Volunteers fondly referred to as “Worker Bee” Volunteers. If you share our passion for helping others and recycling quality goods then Harvest Drive is right for you! Volunteer opportunities are available during our November distributions as well as during our weekly sorting activities. We welcome connections to companies to acquire new donations, toys or linen items. Please reach out to us by contacting harvestdrivevolunteers@gmail.com or Holly Stracquadaine at holdaine@gmail.com or 954-465-0042.


The Harvest Drive begins each school year by donating hundreds of new, filled backpacks to Broward County Schools students who could not otherwise afford them. We fondly remember how exciting it was to start each fall with new school supplies. Unfortunately, there are many students in Broward County who cannot afford to purchase backpacks and the supplies that the teachers require each year. Working in conjunction with civic organizations and business partners, we are able to provide students with the excitement and the materials necessary to start the school year off successfully.

If you have interest in helping with our Backpack Drive, please contact Renee Herman at reho7@aol.com or 954-444-5448.


The Harvest Drive works year-round to provide much-needed food to recipient families. Our Harvest Helping Hands Food Box Program packs more than 1100 forty pound boxes of non-perishable food each year. These food box packings are a fantastic way for community partners to get involved. By working together, we are able to pack 144 boxes in one afternoon. These boxes are then picked up the next day and delivered to Broward County Schools for social workers to distribute. These boxes provide immediate assistance to families in crisis. The goodwill shared by the Harvest Helping Hands in our local community truly makes a meaningful impact on all of our recipient families.

If your company or organization would like to partner for a box packing, please reach out to Amy Freund, Program Coordinator at afreund@bellsouth.net or 954-651-0772.  


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