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As the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 continues, the Harvest Drive team has accepted the immediate challenge of assisting food-insecure children and their families in Broward County. When schools closed in March, the Harvest Drive team reached out to the Children’s Services Council of Broward County and indicated our desire to help. This outreach resulted in an initial grant as well as a strengthening of our ongoing partnership. Our team has packed and distributed food bags to more than 1500 families which equates to approximately 5000 people between March 14 and June 16th. We have 3 more packings funded by the Community Foundation of Broward with support from the Humana Foundation already scheduled during July and August where we will assist another 800 families, approximately 2400 more individuals. We have also provided Walmart gift cards to another 250 families with the assistance of the Jim Moran Foundation.

Our distribution channels have widened as a result of COVID-19. With each packing we have reached out to school social workers and administrators, after school programs, the Children’s Services Council and the South Florida Hunger Coalition. Each group and agency that we have reached out to ask if they would like bags for their families, has come back with an immediate yes. We pack with a few dedicated volunteers and assign specific pick up times. The need is real. The sense of community is also real. All of our social workers and recipient agencies have relationships with the families they are assisting. Not only are many of the individuals and agencies bringing the bags directly to their recipient families but all are reaffirming that their recipients matter and that they are not alone during these difficult times.

The Harvest Drive team has committed to working through this summer in addition to all that we do for and with students during the school year. Please join us in our efforts by donating now. $25 covers the cost of one full bag which will provide more than 11 meals to a family who cannot afford to purchase food for their children. Knowing that we are an active part of a strong and compassionate community is life affirming during these difficult times. Join us and become part of this positivity.

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