Each summer the Harvest Drive provides
and distributes hundreds of filled
backpacks to elementary and middle school
students.  We all remember how exciting it
supplies.  So many students in Broward
County cannot afford to purchase
backpacks and the supplies that teachers
request each year.  Working in conjunction
with civic organizations and business
partners, we are able to provide students
with the materials necessary for them to
start the school year off successfully.
Harvest Drive has been involved with the
donation of staples to the food pantries of
Broward County schools. These pantries
enable social workers to assist families in

A basic box consists of staples including
juice, pasta, pasta sauce, rice, beans,
vegetables, soup, tuna, peanut butter, jelly,
cereal, boxed milk and more.

We are packing more than 900, 40lb food
boxes for families in crisis to be distributed
by school social workers throughout the

The Harvest Drive team strives to ensure
that children identified as hungry have
their needs met so that they can learn and

Our student volunteers also learn and grow
as they help pack boxes for our Western
High pantry.  We are truly impressed by
the compassion shown by student
volunteers and their faculty advisors.

If you would like to contribute to this
pantry, please contact:

Renee Herman at 954-444-5548 or
Amy Fruend at 954-651-0772.

If you have need of this service,
please contact Jodi Samson at

Harvest Drive
Backpack Program
Harvest Helping Hands
Box Program
Harvest Boutique
Susan Gross, Davi Leoniff, Jodi Samson,
and their team of Worker Bees set up
“boutiques” at 2 locations in the fall and 1
in the spring.   Recipient families have the
opportunity to select from gently used
donated clothing, toys, books, and
household items. Dedicated volunteers
work year round to collect and organize
quality goods.  

Our boutique team is also available to
assist families in crisis throughout the
year.  The consequences of fire, floods and
sickness, like hunger are not seasonal.   

As part of our commitment to “pay it
forward”, every year after our fall events
we pass on all remaining items to other
local charities.  We then start the process
all over again.